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We asked: “Tell us why you love this city. Write a love letter to London.”

We were very impressed with the quality of writing in the 2024 Love Letters to London competition. Hundreds of entries – from both Londoners and far flung admirers – were submitted under the guiding theme of ‘London of the Future’. They were hopeful and despairing, reflecting many different perspectives on the capital but nonetheless all filled with love. As always, this competition never ceases to amaze and it’s clear to see that London still inspires a huge amount of creativity.

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It has been wonderful to explore every single written submission and see the different views of the same city, sometimes looking back on a life lived here and others imagining what would be possible if they moved to London. We’re indebted to our judges for spending so much time selecting the winners and runners-up from a large collection, as well as our sponsors for making it all happen.

The winners and runners-up were announced at The London Centre in Guildhall on Saturday 27 April 2024, and the certificates were handed out by our judges, Gita Ralleigh, Nile Bridgeman, Graham Clifford.

As a special treat, the winning entries were read out by actors Steven Elder and Sangeeta Reding.

By Rob Fiehn, London Society director


Winner: Alice Bonomini Borges, Will they hail to our Lost Marys, pineapple yellows and baby blues

Second Place: Meg Benham, Home or Heaven

Third Place: Fiona Dignan, Some Place


Winner: Mackenzie Weinger, To Kenwood Ladies' Pond, now and in five or a hundred years

Second Place: Penny Boxall, Parmesan

Third Place: Shania Janine Saldi, How Silly of Me to Have You, London


Winner: Abrisha Das, Epistles to the Unseen: Love Letters to London's Tomorrow

Runners-Up: Imogen Hobbs, Ella Terrell, Hermella Haile, Paulette Xavier


Winner: Gunes Leyla Musal, My Dear London

Runners-Up: Yeira Xavier, Dervlagh Tipping, Florence Coppock, Aathiya Ambasuthan

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Photos by Agnese Sanvito