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There were so many fantastic entries in the 12-18 winner category for the Love Letters to London’s Tomorrow.

The theme this year was Love Letters to London of the Future. We asked what does your London of the future look like – what are your passions, hopes, dreams and aspirations for this most wonderful of cities?

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Thanks to our sponsors Almacantar, Harriet’s Trust, Stiff + Trevillion who are supporting us for the third year running.

Abrisha’s entry was so evocative of London, from Victorian times to the future.

12-18 WINNER: Abrisha Das 

Epistles to the Unseen: Love Letters to London's Tomorrow 

In days of yore, when cobbled streets embraced, And gaslit lanterns flickered, shadows traced,

A city burgeoning, in Victorian grace,

London, thy heart, a bustling marketplace.

Through hansom cabs and whispers in the fog, The Thames bore witness, a silent dialogue.

Love letters etched on parchment and sealed with care, Expressions penned in ink, a timeless affair.

Through wartime echoes, resilient and proud,

London's heart endured,

though voices were loud. Bombs may fall, but love's flame shall not wane,

A phoenix rising from ashes, love's refrain.

In the present day, where skyscrapers kiss the sky, Thy pulse quickens with the rush, as time flies by.

Neon lights dance on the river's gentle flow, Love letters typed, in pixels, they now glow.

A tapestry woven with diverse threads,

From Brick Lane's curry to Shakespeare's words unsaid.

The Shard ascends, a modern spire's tale,

Yet whispers of the past still prevail.

Amidst the Underground's ceaseless hum, Love letters resonate, a digital strum.

From Covent Garden to the Queen's abode, Each keystroke echoes a timeless ode.

Now envision, London, thy future fair,

A skyline morphing in the crisp night air.

Hovering crafts and trains in hyperloop,

Love letters transmitted with a quantum swoop.

Beneath the Thames, a subaquatic ballet,

Love's symphony in the city's DNA.

Green rooftops bloom, a verdant skyline,

A love affair with nature, so divine.

Artificial intelligences in dialogue,

Love letters composed in algorithmic fog.

Yet, in the whispers of nano-winds, The soul of London, eternal, still finds.

Through holographic displays and augmented sights,

Love letters transcend the digital heights.

In the future's embrace, where time's sands shift, London, beloved, thy love remains a gift.

A city's heartbeat, an eternal rhyme,

In past, present, and future, through the mists of time.

Love letters to London, a continuum true, In every era, love's gaze finds you.

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