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We were very impressed with the quality of writing in the 2024 Love Letters to London competition. 

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Hundreds of entries – from both Londoners and far flung admirers – were submitted under the guiding theme of ‘London of the Future’.

11 AND UNDER CATEGORY: Gunes Leyla Musal 

My Dear London 

London, Big, Threatening, Large,

But there's more,

The screeching sound of metal against metal in the tube when everyone covers their ears,

The loud chant of the drunken football players flooding into the train car,

A vomit of colours,

Hoping they would get off on the next stop,

The elegant superior Buckingham palace, Where I saw the changing of the guard,

Big fuzzy hats,

Since then l've always wanted one,

The unique inspirational musicals, plays and concerts,

Loud and full of phosphorescent spotlights,

The Barbican, Royal Albert Hall and Vaudeville Theatre.

Confident, self-trusting actors,

Must have taken an abundance of training,

The intriguing Museums,

A Night at the Natural History Museum, Cold, sleepless but thrilling

I still have the T-shirt I drew a dinosaur on!

The London Eye,

When I sat by myself watching it spin my friends and family around,

It was too high for me,

All The memories I cherish and that have a place in my heart, Will be the memories of London, I Love you London, What are memories without you?

Runners-Up: Yeira Xavier, Dervlagh Tipping, Florence Coppock, Aathiya Ambasuthan

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Photos: The Royal Household ©Crown Copyright, 
Agnese Sanvito