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We're asking London Society members and website visitors to give us their thoughts on what will change and what should change when we emerge into a post-covid world. Here, Amy Warner of the London Wildlife Trust hopes that the lockdown makes us all appreciate the less material aspects of our lives.

What will change... home working (I hope) will become the norm, even if it is for a few days a week. The trains and tubes would be quieter, making daily commuting so much nicer, improving peoples moods. 

An appreciation of the NHS and the work they do; the system is by no means perfect, but they have done an excellent job!

As for what should change... Everyone is so much nicer at the moment. They greet you in the street and stand aside to let you pass. There is a level of consideration for others I have never seen in the city. I hope that continues. There also seems to be a realisation that we don't really need as much stuff, we can make do with what we have. 

Spending more quality time with our families. We live busy lives and families seem disconnected. I have not spent this amount of time chatting to my family in years. 

A greater appreciation for the people who keep things running, who are often poorly paid and overlooked: the farmers, shop workers, bin men, park wardens, care workers etc. 

An appreciation for the quiet environments, clean air and wildlife that we have been blessed with whilst stuck at home. Rampant pollution and habitat destruction needs to stop. We need to make space for nature as it has provided a solace for many during this time. 

WhenThisIsAllOver is the London Society's debate about what the post-virus, post-lockdown world will and should look like. Contributions so far include:

Please give your views in the comments below, or by emailing