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The legacy of the British Empire is undergoing massive scrutiny. The conversations are not easy and many of them are taking place on the streets of London. Being the hub of the world, London is filled with people from all over the globe, who have made the capital their home. They have shaped the ever-changing and multi-faceted face of London and continue to do so. In this webinar Nazneen Khan-Østrem and Clare Delmar explore the remarkable stories of the people who call themselves Londoners.

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Nazneen Khan-Østrem was born in Nairobi and is a Kenyan Asian. She is a staff columnist for the Norwegian broadsheet Aftenposten.

Raised in the UK and Norway, she has also worked as a television presenter for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - NRK,  enjoyed being a music journalist for Aftenposten, and as a commissioning editor for the publisher Aschehoug for several years.

Nazneen graduated from the London School of Economics with an MSc in International Relations in 2000 and started working as an assistant professor in Journalism at Oslo Metropolitan University. 

Her first book, My Holy War, about Islam and identity, was published in 2005; and in 2007 she was selected for the Edward R. Murrow Exchange Program in Journalism by the US State Department. She has also contributed to the anthology Not Quite Right For Us (2021) about  punk, inclusivity and belonging.