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Keeping up to date and informed about what is happening in London are some of the reasons why people come to a London Society event.

Elizabeth from West Hampstead was attending a talk by Professor Kevin Fenton at the London Centre on 13 June. “I am very keen to find out what’s happening in London especially the increase in population and all the developments,” she said.

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Invited by Nancy Jirira, councillor of the Liberal Democrats for Fortune Green Ward, Elizabeth listened to an information-packed talk by Fenton, health advisor to London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Fenton showed startling disparities in life expectancy across London. He illustrated it by using stops along the Elizabeth Line. Nearly 15 years difference in one stop. 

At Liverpool Street in Zone 1, life expectancy for men is 90.4 years and for women 90.7. In Whitechapel in Zone 2, life expectancy for men is 76.5 years, for women 81.7 years.

Highlights of London Society events include a Behind the Scenes tour of JW3 on 9 August, as it approaches its 10th anniversary. The UK’s Jewish Community centre and the only venue of its kind in the UK for Jewish arts, culture, learning and community.

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Open to all, regardless of race, religion, belief, age, gender, sexuality or background, JW3 has welcomed over 1.5million visits through its doors in its first decade. With a cinema, café, restaurant, nursery, auditorium, learning rooms, dance and drama studios, and sunken piazza and more, people come to enjoy a wide variety of activities, events, courses, classes, performances, festivals, social action projects, or just to meet, eat and chat.

“As Mayor of London, it has been a real pleasure seeing the growing impact that JW3 has made in such a short time, establishing itself as a significant cultural and community asset,” said Sadiq Khan. “Your efforts in bringing Jewish and non-Jewish Londoners together through a culture of encounter and positive experiences, contribute to making London the greatest city in the world.”

During this Behind the Scenes visit, you will learn more about JW3’s unique vision and role in London; discover how the organisation continued to impact on thousands of people every week during lockdown, despite the building being closed; hear how a cultural centre runs a Food Bank within its walls and handled a visit from King Charles II.

Enjoy a private tour of young London artist Zoom Rockman’s acclaimed “Jewish Hall of Fame” interactive exhibition, and relax with a drink at the Hampstead Beach for “a taste of Tel Aviv in NW3”.