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Urban character is frequently cited by planners, developers and architects as something they wish to protect and enhance. But little or no effort is ever made to define urban character in specific or quantitative terms.

Celebrating the launch of his new book Designing London, architect and critic Ike Ijeh will explore the key architectural ingredients forming London’s urban character and how these can be used to design a better city, discussing recent and proposed architectural projects which have either undermined or enhanced London’s character.

Ike Ijeh is the architecture critic for Building Magazine and for Building Design online. He was a parliamentary candidate in the 2019 general election and is founder of London Architecture Walks and practice London Architecture Works. His new book Designing London: Understanding the Character of the City is published by Lund Humphries.

Members of the London Society can access the recording of the full talk via our Online Archive page. Non-members will need to have a 12 month online access pass, which can be obtained here.