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The London Explained series from the London Society has been shortlisted for Best Podcast in the 2024 Archiboo Awards.

All the episodes were written and presented by Dave Hill, trustee of the London Society and editor and publisher of OnLondon , and produced by Andrew McGibbon for Curtains for Radio Ltd.

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Dave Hill said: “I am thrilled about London Explained being included on the shortlist and I’m sure I speak for series producer Andrew McGibbon too. Andrew and I have striven to produce work for The London Society of the highest possible editorial and production standards, aiming for results that would fit effortlessly into a BBC Radio 4 schedule.

“We hope to inform, enlighten and entertain professionals and the general public alike about how London is changing, in the process nurturing deeper love for and appreciation of the city."

Earl’s Court aims to bring back the wonder of the area

Episode 1 of the London Society's new podcast, London Explained, will investigate ideas for regenerating Earls Court, a place of legend in inner west London. Little has been achieved beyond the flattening of the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, which gave the area much of its life and character. Now, a new development company with a new approach is putting a new plan together. It says it wants to create a sustainable, affordable, mixed-use scheme that has community support and will, in its own words “bring the wonder back” to the area. Dave Hill tells the story of a unique part of the capital, explores the latest vision for its renewal, and asks local people what they think.

Fleet Street moves on from it’s media heyday

Episode 2 of London Explained takes a deep-dive into the Fleet Street Quarter, examining what makes this part of London so historically important and the huge impact that the pandemic has had on local businesses. The times they are a-changin’ and so Dave Hill has conducted a series of interviews that reveal some of the new projects that are underway to bring a bit of magic back to Fleet Street. This work is vital to encourage people to return to the City, for work and leisure. He also speaks to the custodians who are ensuring that the built heritage of the area is preserved and actually made more accessible through a considered public realm strategy.

Marble Arch: Plans for a new public space

Episode 3 of London Explained tells the story of Marble Arch, one of London’s loveliest historic monuments which has been marooned on a roundabout at the western end of Oxford Street, severed from the park it once formed an entrance to and disconnected from its regal past. But now big plans are afoot to restore the arch to its former glory, make it the focal point of a tranquil new public space and tackle some of the traffic flow that blights it.

The awards ceremony will be on the evening of May 22at the Shoreditch Arts Club.

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