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The London Society is launching a matching service for socially responsible companies who have extra office capacity, with charities who need valuable meeting space to hold key, in real life meetings. We are calling it FREE SPACE FRIDAYS.

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For many companies in London, Fridays are one of the most popular days for employees to work from home, leaving their offices open and operational, but with unused capacity and unused meeting rooms. 

The decline of office workers in London is a concern for the economy, particularly the hospitality sector and has led to the Mayor of London scrapping peak tube fares on Fridays for three months, starting in March. The London Society believes that there is another way to boost the Friday ‘work’ economy in London. Many charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit groups have no ‘head office’ but they really need quality space to host their regular governance meetings or strategy sessions.

Wouldn’t it be great for London if all the empty meeting rooms were put to good use by community groups who really need it for their formal meetings?

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If you have free meeting rooms or space to offer and wish to participate in FREE SPACE FRIDAYs, please contact the London Society at We will then aim to match you with a charitable organisation to discuss their requirements and explore if you can help.