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Niki Gorick talks to the London Society about her book of photographs "Faith in the City of London", revealing an unheralded side to The Square Mile.  

The mention of 'Faith' in relation to the City of London conjures up images of ceremonial events in St. Paul's Cathedral but there are over 40 other Anglican churches, as well as Jewish, Dutch, Catholic and Welsh places of worship squeezed in between The Square Mile's towers of commerce.

Photographer Niki Gorick talks about her new book 'Faith in the City of London' and how she discovered a vibrant, diverse spiritual life within London's financial centre, stretching out into many faiths.

From weddings, evangelical bible studies, Muslim prayers and livery company carol services to Knights Templar investitures, huge wet fish displays, Afghan music and vicars wielding knives, the photographs show an extraordinary range of spiritual goings-on and the many layers of interaction between faith and commerce in the modern City of London.

Members of the London Society can access the recording of the full talk via our Online Archive page. Non-members will need to have a 12 month online access pass, which can be obtained here.