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The Central London Walking Network (CLWN) proposes a network of healthy, characterful and attractive walking routes in Central London to connect iconic destinations, railway stations and parks. The idea is a road hierarchy where through motor traffic uses the larger 'A' roads (many made in Victorian and Edwardian times) and pedestrians use improved smaller, ancient roads. It seeks to identify improvements which need to be made (such as less traffic, fewer parking spaces, wider pavements) and to link up existing and planned improvements. A good example of their proposals is to turn St Martin's Lane and Monmouth St into a delightful pedestrian route, linking up Trafalgar Sq and the West End Project. 

With the support of the Urban Design Group, Will Norman, TFL and the GLA, the Network is  organising a conference at the Gallery, Cowcross St, on the afternoon of 28th November, with the aim of bringing together opinion formers and stakeholders to discuss how to improve the walking environment in Central London in general, and to consider how best to create a Central London Walking Network. Will Norman and the cabinet transport leads for the main boroughs (Adam Harrison, Tim Mitchell, Oliver Sells QC and Claudia Webbe) will be key speakers at the conference, and there will be a number of experts and stakeholders. We will also have a session to seek the audience’s views. 

For more information on the conference, see:

You can find more information on the Network here: ), and a recent blog: