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  Do you fancy being in charge of the London Society blog? One of our aims for the next few months is to expand what we publish here, making it a more useful resource for members and acting to help recruit new people to join. We have a group of volunteers who are willing to review books, others who will write up London Society events, but we're looking for someone who can co ordinate this activity as well as writing up relevant press releases that we receive and commissioning articles around subjects that will be of interest to site visitors. It's a flexible post - it could probably be done on a couple of hours a week, but the more that is put into it the more useful it will be. The role could suit a current journalist who wants to carve out a space of their own, a retired person who is keen to help, or someone who wants to burnish their c.v.. It is though, an unfunded position - we're relying on a volunteer stepping forward, so please be aware that we are unable to pay anything, either to the editor or for a commissioning budget. Interested? Want to find out more? Drop me a line at and I'll be in touch.