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The London Society members share a curiosity and love of the capital, and want to engage with the debates about the city’s future whilst honouring and cherishing its past.

Founded in 1912 by a group of eminent Londoners concerned about a lack of planning, the Society brought together all sorts of people to debate key issues about the future of the city - housing, roads, railways, bridges and even airports - all of which are still high on the agenda today.

By working together, by being connected, The London Society had influence and respect as a ‘place’ where ideas could be formed, debated and enacted. Fast forward a century and London’s built form continues to trigger discussion and attract attention around the world, but outside a relatively small group of people, many Londoners feel left out of the debate and feel powerless to shape their city.

It is with this in mind that The London Society will dedicate 2022 to the theme of CONNECTIONS: Londoners stronger together. We are programming and developing events, talks and debates that actively seek to engage curious Londoners, as well as involving organisations that sit beyond those of built environment professionals. Our aim is to engage and educate - running discussions that provide a range of views, organising talks and tours that help you understand more about the capital or the city's history

  • Connections – Culture: From music to museums, from fine art to street art, from theatre to festivals, there is something for everyone in London. But how has the cultural landscape been affected by the past 18 months, and how can it recover its vibrancy and energy?
  • Connections – Religion: The capital is home to communities of all faiths, and religious buildings are some of our most striking and important. In 2022 the Society’s programme will help us all to discover more about both the communities and the architecture of London’s religions.
  • Connections – The Thames (North to South – East to West): Where do we need more river crossings (and what form should they take)? And the perennial question – how do we make more use of the river for transport and for freight?
  • Connections – Transport: The climate emergency is real, as are illegal levels of air pollution – but without fewer vehicles as well as cleaner vehicles, Londoners are still going to struggle to get around the city. What needs to happen to our public transport networks and our personal journeys to help the city move again?
  • Connections – Sport: From national stadia to (literally) the grassroots, sport generates its own communities that cut across class and cultures.
  • Connections – Other Cities: What can we learn from, and give to, other cities in the UK and around the globe? The London Society will bring together voices and opinions from cities that have faced similar challenges to ours.
  • Connections – Other Organisations: We need to connect – to underrepresented communities, across ages, across politics. Most importantly, we need to connect beyond the ‘bubble’ of built environment professionals. The London Society has always done this and it remains the unique route to engaging – connecting – with Londoners.

Be part of these discussions. Become a member of The Society - from less than 80p a week - and support our work as well as receiving discounted or free tickets for many events, as well as priority booking for tours and walks (most of which sell out). Or come along to our talks and join the debate. You will be very welcome.