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Discover London’s vibrant manufacturing landscape in this richly illustrated talk by Mark Brearley- author, lecturer, design consultant and manufacturer.

Mark spoke to the Society last month, offering a fascinating glimpse into a world that many did not realise existed, Mark takes us behind factory doors, and tells you about the current trajectory of manufacturing in the capital, the opportunities and the perils. 

Walking through London’s busy streets, you would not imagine that the city boasts a diverse manufacturing scene. Throughout its 32 boroughs, people are making radars, propellers, bicycles, ballet shoes, military uniforms, packaging, signs, umbrellas, chocolate truffles, furniture, beer, bread, and much more. Today there are around 4000 producers in the city; all jostling for space and dealing with familiar challenges, such as rising rents and trying to keep developers at bay.

The whole talk, plus the interesting Q+A with photographer Carmel King, and makers Han Ates of Blackhorse Lane Ateliers and Lola Lely of Wax Ateliers, is available below.

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