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  Grace Everett, one of the Society's members, has come up with StatueFindr, a smartphone app that explores Westminster's rich heritage of statuary, with photographs and biographies on the statues and sculptures, and detailed information about the people who created them. There is information on over 350 sculptures by over 200 sculptors, grouped into topics, or searchable by sculptor name, statue name, or simply by clicking a location on the map. There's huge diversity in sculptural style, subject matter and materials used in the creation of the sculptures in the City of Westminster and these help enrich an understanding and knowledge of Sculpture as well as History, Science, Politics, the Arts, London itself, past monarchs, foreign leaders and individuals who have made huge contributions to the world we live in.  StatueFindr provides the opportunity to not only see the sculptures, find out where they are located, but also to learn about the sculptors who created them. The App works just as effectively away from London, but if you're in London and either walking, in a bus/taxi, StatueFindr will recognise where you are and will provide the name of the sculpture and accompanying biographies for both the individual being commemorated (for example, Winston Churchill) and for the sculptor responsible (Ivor Roberts-Jones). You can find out more (and the links to download the app) at the StatueFindr website.