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On the 20th October, the London Society launches its new White Paper, Re/Shaping London written by Jonathan Manns and Dr Nicholas Falk. 

Join us for the launch (published in connection with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for London's Planning and Built Environment). As well as the presentation by the Paper's authors, there will be discussion from Colin Wilson (Senior Manager, GLA), Max Farrell (Farrells & West London Business' Commission for the Built Environment) and Rupa Huq (MP for Ealing Central and Acton). You can register here for tickets.

London needs to ‘shape up’ if it is to retain a dominant position as both a World City and one that is truly sustainable. Ensuring that London delivers the quality of development required to remain at the world’s top-table is the joint responsibility of the Mayor and the Boroughs. There is a clear aspiration to deliver both new homes and jobs, but fresh decisions need to be made in the face of unpredictable pressures such as Brexit and climate change. More than ever, London needs to position itself as a city of aspiration and tolerance, ambition and fairness. The White Paper considers ways in which London can be shaped and re-shaped in response to these challenges. In doing so, it proposes some basic principles to inform future development considerations; not only in the planning of new places, but the densification and regeneration of those which already exist. It looks at how this ‘re/shaping’ might be achieved and then demonstrates how some of the ideas could be applied in West London; significantly increasing the area’s anticipated development potential. It all starts from the simple premise that we must plan, we must enable and we must build. 

Printed copies of the White Paper will be available after 20 October, and we will also be putting the document online.