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  The Society held two concerts recently, celebrating the 150th anniversary of English Heritage's Blue Plaque scheme and the contribution to the culture of London made by musicians. On 31 October, Pizza Express in Soho rocked to the sounds of Omar Puente/Al McSween duo, Yiddish Twist Orchestra, Gospel Singers Incognito and The Sugar Sisters - jazz musicians who all hail from London, exemplifying the melting pot of cultural influences that the City, and especially Soho, has become over the years. The second concert was at Cecil Sharp House, home to the English Folk Dance and Song Society and celebrated those folk collectors memorialised with Blue Plaques; Cecil Sharp and Percy Grainger. The stellar group of artists included Stick in the Wheel, Sam Carter and Lisa Knapp & Jack Harris. The relevance of the sung tradition of folk tunes and themes came through strongly, with Lisa Knapp and Stick in the Wheel in particular, powerful in their reference to the work of collectors of folk tunes and the importance of developing and promoting the tradition of learned aural culture.