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  This year's strand on 'Planning for 10 Million Londoners' has a series of talks and debates that look at some of the challenges that face us all over the next decade, as the capital's population nudges upwards, but what might face us over the horizon? It can seem almost nonsensical to try to put together a plan for London for 30 years into the future - think of the changes that have taken place since 1988, in technology, transport, demographics, ways of working, leisure activities, retail - but planning decisions that are made now will have an effect on the London of 2050, so what should we be aware of? We're planning a joint event with CityMetric, the online urbanism magazine, to examine what the capital might look like midway through the century. Speakers include Jeremy Skinner of the GLA, Neil Bennett of Farrell’s and the discussion will be chaired by Jonn Elledge of CityMetric. After Crossrail2, what should be the next priority for London's infrastructure? How will new technology help us plan for a better city? What social and economic trends are going to affect the capital’s development? Where will the population of 11 million+ live and work? If you want to know how London might evolve in the next three decades, or if you have opinions you’d like to share, come along to what will be a fascinating debate on our possible futures. You can find out more, and book tickets, here.