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  Cadogan Estates have sponsored ‘Create Streets’ to research a new report ‘Of Streets and Squares’, which is available to read here. The report considers what makes a place ‘tick’ at the most fundamental human level. Which public spaces are most valued or shunned? Why do people tend to prefer some places rather than others? And how does this affect their behaviour? ‘Of Streets and Squares’ is the largest study of its kind to date – it reviews the empirical evidence, conducts MORI polling, uses insights from neuroscience and a unique and ground-breaking ‘big data’ algorithm (the Place Beauty Analysis) to study the relative popularity of 19,000 public spaces in six British cities. Based on this work,  they define ‘indicative rules’ for creating places people actually want to be in. Hugh Seaborn, Chief Executive, Cadogan says “We are here for the long-term and invest significantly in the environment to create a distinctive, sustainable neighbourhood which will continue to thrive over the next three centuries and beyond. This happens through a careful layering of uses – the public realm itself alongside a strong cultural and artistic offer, invigorating places like Pavilion Road, shops that define Chelsea’s character, the restaurants where people come together. For us, it is no longer about finding ‘tenants’, but those invested in the local community who breathe life into buildings. Over curation can knock the creativity and spirit from a place –so how do we understand better the implications of our decisions on future generations? We have been delighted to support the expert team from Create Streets in this academic study and hope that not just other landowners and developers but also local councils, community groups, planners, architects and wider society will find it useful as they strive to make public spaces where people are comfortable and happy.”