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From our friends in the Blackheath Society

In the late 1960s there was a plan to build an eight-lane motorway through the centre of Blackheath Village. In what many regard as its finest hour, the Blackheath Society was instrumental in ensuring that this very real plan never came to fruition. The plan was in fact part of a London-wide scheme which would have seen a ring of mostly elevated motorways around the capital. It was also just one of a number of schemes developed for major roads across Blackheath throughout the twentieth century.

Paul Wright, a long-standing member of the Blackheath Society presented an illustrated talk on these spine-shivering plans in October 2019. He has now produced an illustrated booklet based on the talk, which describes in detail the various ways in which planners sought largely to destroy Blackheath Village by driving major roads through it.

The booklet is available to download as a free PDF here.