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Mon 9 Apr 2018, 6.30–8pm Cass Research Seminars: Lynch and Luxemburg on Dwelling and Beauty

In this twelfth Cass Research Seminar artist Rut Blees Luxemburg and architect Patrick Lynch will consider the problems of dwelling, aesthetic value and city participation. Through art and architecture practice, they will take us on a visual journey through London to explore an alternative view of urban beauty, perception and possibility, discussing their own works and collaborations, in two short presentations followed by a discussion, on the topics of beauty, civic life and dwelling.

You can find full details and book for the event here.

The Cass Research Seminar is a forum for exploring cross-disciplinary, phenomenological, academic and real-life experiences and ideas. Two presentations will be followed by a lively panel discussion between the audience, a professional discussant and the two speakers.