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We owe a huge great 'thank you' to Hamish Champ, who took over the Society's instagram account in July, with dozens of incredible photographs of our city.

You can catch them all here, and see Hamish's own instagram feed here - it's well worth a follow.

We'll leave you with his 'signing off' post:

"Taking the reins of the London Society’s Instagram account for the past month has been a real pleasure.

I’m a born ‘n’ bred Londoner. I've lived and worked here all my life. At times it can be an imperfect – even infuriating – city, but if one is going to be somewhere occasionally imperfect and infuriating, there’s no better spot, IMHO.

I love London’s familiar spaces and places, but there are always unfamiliar streets to be walked down, forgotten alleyways, nooks and crannies to be discovered, hitherto unseen buildings to gawp at. I never tire of London. And I never will."

Fancy putting your photos on The London Society feed? If you're interested in taking over the account for a week or a month, drop us a line.