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The London Society caught up with Chris Hopkinson, a London-based architecture photographer and videographer, with a background as an architect. He explained his creative process and how he chose the London locations for his images which were included in the book London of the Future.

 What kind of photos did you send for inclusion in London of the Future?

I sent a real mix of stuff, probably around 200 photos. I used to be an architect, so there was quite a focus on architecture. And also nature in London. People don't think of London as a place of green spaces.

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Which images were your favourites?

I think the one with Thames beach in the background is probably a favourite. Also the Millennium Bridge, and the bustling high street. My favourite building in London is probably the Aquatic Centre in Stratford.

How did you decide on which London landmarks? 

I wanted ones that were new and interesting such as the Olympic legacy developments. Capturing places that have a social agenda as well as an environmental hook is always good. There’s a photo of an extinction rebellion protest. It’s interesting, and I also fully support the movement. Visually, it’s appealing as you’ve got different types of people attending from tree huggers and climbers to old gentlemen. It’s brilliant.

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How do you find new locations?

I scout them out on my bicycle which is always a good way to explore. I come across all sorts of skyscrapers that I just haven't heard about. I live by the Olympic Park, so walking around and watching, being able to go at different times of day, different lighting conditions, and when there’s different people. I try to have different layers of interests in the foreground and background, people interacting with buildings.

Do you do much post production?

There is a temptation to play around, and you can spend your whole life playing around and tinkering with it. There's a danger in that. For software, I use Adobe Lightroom. I refine lighting and colours but I try to do most things in the camera when I take the shot. But if I’m taking photos for an architect, then there's fire alarms or a bin in the picture that needs to be removed.

Are there any projects you've got your eye on?

I am very interested in more sustainable projects. Using stone and timber in innovative ways that's pushing the boundaries of what buildings can be. I also like taking pictures during the construction stage and how it is created, from start to finish.

Having been an architect, has this given you greater insight as a photographer?

From my training I definitely look at buildings differently. And it's impossible to say whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. It's just a different perspective. But it's also good to take a step back, looking at things from the architect's point of view. I enjoy photography a lot more as I find it there’s greater freedom and creativity.

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Photos by Chris Hopkinson