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Our book launch at Arbor, Bankside Yards was attended by many of the contributors to London of the Future, who gave their insights into what the capital could or should be like for the generations to come.

London of the Future book addresses many important questions: How will we need to adapt to climate change? Will we become a techno-utopia, with Londoners’ lives in perfect harmony with artificial intelligence? How do we achieve a London that is fair and equitable for everyone?

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One hundred years ago The London Society published London of the Future, a bold and visionary work, covering topics including city-centre airports and channel tunnels, as well as concerns about pollution, housing and access to public space.

Some of the first book’s predictions are uncanny. Sir Arthur Fell MP wrote about a Channel Tunnel that could carry 30,000 He also suggested a new bridge across the Thames – Temple Bridge – located between Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges, precisely the same spot for which the Garden Bridge was proposed nearly a century later.

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The second version sets out how our city could and should improve over the next century. It includes such things which were never dreamt of a hundred years ago, such as Artificial Intelligence and the impact it will make on our lives now and in the future.

2023's London of the Future will offer dynamic 100-year thinking about how our city provides for all of its occupants and its role on a larger global stage. Each contribution highlights a key concern for London and ways in which it can be tackled.

Contributors include: Anna Minton, Roma Agrawal, Baroness Lawrence, Professor Tony Travers, Hugh Pearman, Indy Johar, Jude Kelly, Mark Brearley, Carolyn Steel, Sarah Ichioka, Peter Murray, Yasmin Jones-Henry, Mark Stevenson, Claire Bennie, Kat Hanna, Gillian Darley, Smith Mordak, Neal Shasore and Grafton Architects.

With thanks to Native Land and PLP Architecture for hosting.

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