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Passions run high on all sides in discussions about the future of the Green Belt, but what, if anything, should be done?  The Green Belt that has wrapped around London since the 1930s was created due, in large part, to the advocacy of the London Society, so we're again taking the lead by debating how we can make this 20th Century solution for restricting the capital’s growth meet the challenges of the 21st. How could the Green Belt be improved to help the environment and better facilitate new housing? Previous debates have tended to generate more heat than light, with speakers characterised as “for” or “against” the Green Belt. This London Society event will present a range of views and see if there are any approaches that can satisfy all parties. Speakers will present their thoughts and then be questioned by the Chair and by the audience. Join us on 4 May for what is sure to be a lively, stimulating and interesting discussion. Tickets are now on sale here  Speakers include:
  • Richard Knox Johnston, London Green Belt Council
  • Richard Upton, Deputy Chief Executive U+I plc
  • John Myers, London YIMBY
  • Alice Roberts, CPRE
  • Merrick Denton-Thompson, the Landscape Institute
Chaired by Paul Finch, editorial director of the Architects' Journal