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The London life of the late cultural provocateur Malcolm McLaren is the subject of BE REASONABLE DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE, an illustrated in-conversation between McLaren's biographer and map-maker Paul Gorman, and the journalist and author Helen Barrett.

Best known as the architect of Punk and manager of the Sex Pistols, McLaren was a fourth-generation Scottish/Portuguese/Jewish Londoner who viewed the city as a playground for artistic expression, attending eight art schools across the capital, taking part in demonstrations and insurrectionary activities for which he was arrested and founding the groundbreaking series of subversive boutiques/creative hubs in the 1970s and 80s with his partner Vivienne Westwood in the King's Road and the West End.Born in inner east London, McLaren lived and operated all over town from Hendon to Croydon and from Chelsea to Bloomsbury to Clapham, staging Soho exhibitions, making the acclaimed Channel 4 film The Ghosts of Oxford Street and even running for Mayor of London in 2000 on a Situationist/Merry Prankster ticket.

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