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Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM yesterday evening (21 July). Because of social distancing this was held via Zoom and went reasonably smoothly; the attendance was probably higher than previous 'physical' AGMs and we will look to incorporate an online element into future meetings so that members who are not able to attend are able to be present and to vote.

The minutes and the video of the meeting will be posted here on the blog in the next couple of weeks, but key points are as follows:

The Executive Committee of trustees was elected as follows:

  • Peter Murray - Chair
  • Barry Coidan - Hon. Treasurer
  • Martha Grekos - Hon. Secretary
  • Helen Parton - Hon. Journal Editor
  • Trustees: Neil Bennett, Mark Prizeman, Nick McKeogh, Michael Coupe, Eric Sorensen, Darryl Chen, Dave Hill, Robert Fiehn, Diane Cunningham, Andrew Reynolds, Lucy Smith

Our thanks to Nick Mckeogh, Mark Prizeman and Jessica Cargill Thompson for their past several years' work as Officers of the Society, and thanks to Jessica, Sarah Yates and Jonathan Manns who have stepped down from the committee.

The motion to change the period for which committee members serve and to limit the number of consecutive terms that anyone may be on the committee (which you can read here) was passed.