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  The 2019 edition of the Journal of the London Society is about to go to press and so should be with members in the next couple of weeks. It's a bigger than usual edition - 104 pages - with features, opinion and case studies reflecting this year's Society themes. If you're not yet a member of the Society, join today and we'll make sure you get a copy of the new Journal hot off the press. FEATURES
  • Industrial Revolution Exploring the potential of ' flatted factories'
  • Dogs' Life - 1980s Docklands captured by photographer Mike Seaborne
  • Albertopolis: London's original innovation district Sarah Yates on the legacy of the 1851 Great Exhibition
  • The Art of the Mapper London reimagined by illustrator Adam Dant
  • When the music stops. Will the soul of Tin Pan Alley be lost to Crossrail? asks Peter Watts
  • Floral Tribute Jessica Cargill Thompson hears how plants are reviving memories of an East London street
  • The Successful High Street - Why thriving Peckham shows we need to adjust our values
  • Ahead of the game. The art project redefining a high-street staple
  • Organically does it. John Myers encourages residents to take back control
  • Context message. History provides the roots for great places, says Emily Gee
  • Beyond Bricks and Mortar Heather Jermy on preserving the essence of place
  • Saviours of the City Anne Thomas on the heritage guardians of the City of London
  • Constructing Places, Building Trust Jessica Cargill Thomson on the need to engage with the Old Kent Road before redeveloping it
  • A London Notebook: Blackwall & the Isle of Dogs
  • London Online Members' picks of the best websites
  • From the Archives. What was the Society up to 50 and 100 years ago?
  • Book Reviews