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  Join The Academy of Urbanism on 16 November for Learning from Europe, where the finalists of the 2017 European City of the Year Award – Copenhagen, Eindhoven and Montpellier – will share lessons and learning on their past successes and future plans. Come along to discover how… Copenhagen is co-creating a liveable, responsible city with an edge – flexible and creative distinctive and inclusive – to maintain its position as the “coolest kid on the Nordic block” (Lonely Planet). Eindhoven has rebuilt its economy and its urban fabric by becoming a smart, strong and adaptive city with a horizontal society and a triple-helix collaboration in innovation. Montpellier has installed a citizen-led administration to transcend political turbulence and exploit growth potential in a bi-polar city through a combination of grand projects and urban renewal. The event will take place at U+I in Victoria, London. Learning from Europe begins at 3pm and will be followed by The Urbanism Awards celebrations in the evening. Be sure to stay and find out which of these three fascinating cities will be crowned European City of the Year. Book online at: