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Past Event

TALK | What is Driving Change in Outer London?

event Thursday, 20 April 2017

access_time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

turned_in_not £7-£14

location_on Allies and Morrison, 85 Southwark St, SE1 0HX

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A fascinating talk on the dynamics of social change.

Against a background of discussions of suburban decline in Outer London, some areas that have seen "upscaling", where higher socio-economic groups are replacing lower ones.

Is this a form of 'gentrification' ask Alan Mace (LSE) and Antoine Paccoud (LSE Visiting Fellow), and what is causing it to happen? 

Unsurprisingly, the ratio of social upscaling to downscaling across the capital is related to housing costs, and it suggests an ‘overspill’ of households from parts of Inner, to parts of Outer London.

Are there physical characteristics that make some parts of Outer London more attractive to upscalers, and are changes of tenure playing a role? Mace and Picoud examine the data to try to give us a better understanding of the drivers of change in Outer London, and what this might mean for growth in the city.