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Upcoming Event

TALK | The Future of London’s Housing

event Tuesday, 4 June 2024

access_time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

turned_in_not £5-£15

location_on Downstairs, The Department Store, 248 Ferndale Rd, Brixton, SW9 8FR

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We need to reimagine housing in London so that it is fit-for-purpose in the 21st century. Many people like to talk about housing targets and all the shiny new buildings that can be created but what about our existing properties?

The headlines paint a picture of Londoners living in dire situations and we know that poor housing contributes to a decline in public health and this puts a strain on the NHS, which is already struggling. There is an urgent rethink required that needs a simultaneous top-down and bottom-up approach. We need to listen to the needs of residents and our political leaders need to lead.

The London Society has partnered with the Housing Ombudsman to outline to outline the current state of housing and will ask them to explore what can be done to improve the quality of spaces that people live in, as well as making homes more communal and therefore better for our mental health. The Housing Ombudsman Service has gathered a lot of data and produced a number of reports about what could and should be done. It’s time to assess the scale of the problem and work out what the key next steps to make sure we’re delivering and maintaining places for Londoners of the future to live with the peace of mind that their home is not detrimental to their own wellbeing.

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Photo © Edward Howell Zuel