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Each week we'll be posting a selection of links to things we've found or had suggested to us.

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  • The Guardian - How Covid-19 could radically alter urban life.  Read on
  • The Architectural Review - the late Michael Sorkin, speaking in 2014.  Read on
  • Meades Shrine - Almost  every Jonathan Meades documentary to view.  Read on
  • LSE Cities - Lessons from London's high-density residents.  Read on
  • Property Week - Iain Painting gives his views on the Government’s 'contradictory' Planning for the Future paper.  Read on
  • Dezeen - How BDP transformed the Excel Centre into NHS Nightingale.  Read on
  • Lichfields - Planning for the future: in it for the long run.  Read on
  • NLA - Peter Murray talks to Gerald Kaye, Chief Executive of Helical  Read on
  • OnLondon - Life in corona city: a podcast  Read on
  • Dezeen - architecture and design documentaries to binge on (££)  Read on
  • BBC iPlayer Nairn Across Britain - three programmes from 1972 (free)  Read on