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  Until Thursday 1 March you can catch a free exhibition at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, commissioned by British Land, celebrating some of the rich heritage of Canada Water, Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks. The landscape and history of this neighbourhood have been shaped over the centuries by water. Once low-lying marshland, this riverside location became a globally important commercial and maritime hub, with links to every part of the world. Curated with the help of local people and organisations, the exhibition highlights some of the key episodes in the history and heritage of this unique riverside and waterside community – with striking historic images, snapshots in time of places and personalities, and personal memories and voices of local people. British Land, who is working in partnership with Southwark Council to develop plans for a new town centre at Canada Water known as the Canada Water Masterplan, recognises that the history and heritage of the local area have shaped the place we know today, and should continue to inform its future. It commissioned this exhibition, with the generous support of local people and organisations, and especially a local advisory group to provide input, to be able to bring together and celebrate some of it in one place. You can find more details of the exhibition and other events taking place here