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  The London Society needs you We're run with a small committee that gives of its time entirely voluntarily, two members of staff that work a couple of days a week, a freelance events person, a journal editor and designer (and contributors) who put in inordinate amounts of time and effort to get each issue out. That gives members around 50 events a year (which had over 2,000 people come to them in 2016), two issues of the Journal, the Society's representation in the APPG, and this blog and our social media. We want to achieve more - more events, more publications, more members - and need help from members to do so. For example:
  • Helping out at events: anything from setting up the room to reporting on the discussion to go on the blog (you'd get free tickets of course).
  • Contributing to the blog or the journal: got something to say? Perhaps you've got journalistic or other writing experience and are keen to keep your hand in - we'd love to hear from you.
  • Marketing and PR: we want more people coming to our events and more people joining the Society. Can you help us with that?
If you feel you can spare some time - whether from the list above or on anything else - please email