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We are not alone.  Like all similar organisations we haven’t had a physical event since March. Like many, we were able to transfer to a virtual programme and to provide free access, a situation that is not without its advantages, it means more people can take part and we can reach new audiences.

Back in March we thought that by now we’d all be meeting up again and enjoying the company of other members, but it hasn’t turned out like that, and none of us know quite how much longer we will be restricted in the number of people who can come together at one time. Free events, of course, mean 
we have little income except the membership sub, so to ensure we can keep delivering a programme we will be charging for newly posted virtual events from late October. This is essential if we are to maintain a programme into the foreseeable future. Careful planning by our Director, Don Brown and Events Coordinator Rowena Ellims has meant the finances remain in a resilient state, but we need to make sure they stay that way.

Thank you all for continuing to support the Society, it would be so easy for all the hard work of the last few years in building up the programme and membership to be dissipated during this difficult period. Stay well!

Peter Murray
The London Society Chair