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  Thresholds is a season of film screenings and installations in iconic architectural landmarks, dedicated to exploring space, identity and domesticity, from a feminist perspective. Its first event will take place in the beautiful modernist residential estate, Pullman Court, on Sunday 23rd September, 10:00-17:00, as part of the Open House Weekend 2018. Free entry and open to all. The estate will host an installation of innovative female filmmakers' short films, situated in the remarkable architecture of private homes and communal spaces throughout Pullman Court. By contextualising films in domestic settings, Thresholds explores how identity is constructed in relation to architecture, homes and domesticity, from a feminist perspective. The season aims to re-frame and foster an understanding of how spaces develop, project and limit an individual’s potential and identity. Drawing attention to architectural and domestic concerns that are often overlooked or taken for granted, the films, in combination with the venues, will foreground spaces that have historically been dismissed as female; reclaiming the once-erased labour of the home, and celebrating women’s agency. At Pullman Court, each installation will be situated within the estate’s remarkable architecture, using both private homes and communal spaces opened exclusively as part of the Open House Weekend. Highlights from the programme confirmed so far include Roberta Cantow’s Emmy Award-winning Clotheslines (1982), about the artistic and symbolic role of laundry in women's lives; Margaux Guillemard’s beautiful 26 rue Saint-Fargeau (2017), a vertical journey through a Parisian social estate; and Lisa Castagner’s spellbinding Pullman Court in 29 Parts (2014), a rhythmical short depicting residents’ shared experience of sunset. You can find full information here.