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RIBA is hosting an evening of "attempted stand-up comedy" with MC Steve Cross, to raise money for the RIBA Student Hardship Fund which helps to make architecture accessible to all. Called How Did It End Up Like That?, the evening features a line-up of experts from across the world of architecture, from creators of iconic buildings, to people who train new architects and historians who try to understand how we ended up with the buildings and cities we have now. It promises to be a night of learning cunningly disguised as a hilarious evening out! Tickets are available here, Increasing numbers of architecture students are facing financial hardship continuing their studies. The RIBA provides grants to those students most in need through our Student Hardship Fund. The purposes of the RIBA Student Hardship Funds are to:
  • Alleviate financial hardship of students of architecture
  • Assist students financially in gaining professional experience
  • Widen participation in architectural education
  • Reduce student drop-out rates