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Our Hut, an architecture education charity based in South London, are looking for a small team of volunteers to research the built heritage in Crystal Palace Park to provide information for a new teachers' resource. The project, Sublime Structures is an architecture education project about the wealth of historic and existing buildings and structures in the park from the Crystal Palace to the present day. The project will enable local young people and families to discover and celebrate the extraordinary legacy of design and engineering innovation found within the park. Online teaching resources produced as a legacy of the project will mean that teachers can carry out work on Crystal Palace Park independently in the future. And we will create a fun orienteering pack that will be a resource for parents and carers, helping families get the most from their visits to one of South London’s gems. Volunteers will be given specific training in a session at the RIBA/V&A on 15th November, and there will be opportunities for participants to share and develop usefully transferable skills. If anyone is interested in joining this team, please email Our Hut for further details: