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We are currently running a survey to find out your views on ‘in person’ and virtual events. (If you haven’t already given us your opinions, you can do so here.)

It’s an attempt to find out whether our events in the early part of 2022 should remain online, or whether members and others want to get back to meeting indoors. We’re also keen to hear which days and times of the week are  preferred.

Some have asked why we can’t livestream or record our in person talks and discussions; the answer is, as with so many things, cost. To make sure we have a good experience for those viewing online or looking at a recording, we would need professional help, which would cost a few hundred pounds for each event. This is money the Society does not currently have. If there are any sponsors out there who’d like to help us achieve this, please get in touch.

So far, the results of the survey indicate an almost equally split audience for online or live events: 38% would prefer or only wish to attend online talks, with 39% showing a preference for in person ones.

As to days of the week, at present Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the preferred choice for in person events, with a slight preference for Tuesday evenings among those three days. For online talks, evenings of each of the first four days of the week scores pretty much the same.

Using this information we shall look to how best schedule events next year.

If you haven’t given us your opinion yet, please do so here – we will be referring to the survey throughout the next month or so as we plan next year’s programme.