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  We're delighted to announce that the Society has partnered with John Sandoe Books to make available the books that we review on this site and in the Journal. We will also be putting together lists of new books that will be of interest to members, sending out a quarterly email newsletter featuring new titles and selling new editions of classic works. The aim is to give members a convenient way to acquire the books we recommend while supporting one of London's independent booksellers. And the London Society will also receive around 10% from the sales - so you can build your library and support the Society at the same time! You can see the current list of recommended titles here, and we will be working through previous reviews to link directly to the bookshop pages. John Sandoe Books Ltd is one of London’s foremost and best-loved independent bookshops. Its beautiful eighteenth century premises is home to over 30,000 titles, carefully selected by staff with nearly 100 years of bookselling – and reading – between them, making Sandoe’s a legend among bibliophiles in London and around the world. The shop opened in 1957, when Chelsea was still bohemian; according to a customer who knew it in its infancy, it began with three planks laid on bricks on which were laid out “all the books one could ever hope to find in one place”. More books and more shelves followed, more floors and an expanding shop front too, but the original ethos remains the same. Sandoe’s offers a range of services, from its renowned quarterly catalogues, mail order and subscriptions to creating and maintaining libraries, both public and private, and working in partnership with a few kindred organisations - the latest of which is us here at the London Society.