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If you've ever fancied learning more about your city, and sharing that knowledge with others, the Open City 'Golden Key Academy' may be perfect for you.

It's a course run by the people who organise the annual Open House festival, as well as a year-round programme of talks and tours. It covers everything a skilled guide needs to create and deliver insightful, entertaining and financially successful outdoor tours and events that bring the city's many stories to life.

The next course starts in February 2022 and runs through until September and comprises informative and interactive lectures covering the key competencies you need to be a successful guide including: editorial programming, critical interpretation, and the ethics of cultural production; guiding responsibilities and crowd safety; promotion and marketing, the use of technology to enable social distancing; and confidence in public speaking.

The London Society will be using many of the academy graduates from 2021 in its walks programme next year, so sign up for the 2022 course and you could be taking Society tours in the future.

You will find full details here, and can download the full prospectus here. Applications need to be received by 24 January 2022.