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  Over the centuries London has welcomed new Londoners from around the world who came here to trade, because they were connected to the Empire or to the Commonwealth; who came as a result of persecution or because they wanted to enjoy the greatest city in the world. As the nation debates Brexit and the Mayor of London compares Donald Trump to the 'fascists of the 20th century' in advance of the American President’s State Visit, it is timely for the Society to hold an event about inclusivity in London today. One in three Londoners were born outside the UK, while more than 300 languages are currently spoken on our streets. For the moment, London is home to a million EU citizens. From our food and drink to our culture and economy the advantages of London’s amazing diversity are clear - our panel will discuss how this impacts on our built environment. One of the most diverse areas of London is Brixton - so don’t miss the summer party which will be in one of the most interesting recent building refurbishments in the area. The stunning rooftop of The Department Store, which houses the offices of Squire & Partners architects, accommodates Upstairs, a laid back members’ club serving fine food and drinks. Michael Squire has kindly given the society access to the space for what I am sure will be an unforgettable evening. See you there!