Peter Murray

Terence Bendixson, Council member, Chelsea Society

If you are a Chelsea-ite you will probably have seen computer-generated images showing Battersea Power Station as part of a new neighbourhood of residential and office towers.  They are depicted rising up across the Thames against a pristine sky.

The conventional reaction is shock-horror – look what THEY are doing to our London.  But hold on.  Nine Elms, now ready for renewal, is going to be a new chunk of London with a new Northern Line station at one end and all the connections of Vauxhall at the other.  The towers, including a new US Embassy, will be arranged around a long serpentine park connecting the Tube stations, and a lot of the money that will pay for them is coming from Malaysia.  Say that and it earns you what used to be called ‘an old fashioned look’.

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