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Peter Murray


This year’s AGM is on the horizon – date and venue to be confirmed, but likely to be the first week of July – so now is a good time to consider joining the Society’s executive committee.

All members of the Society are eligible to put themselves up for a committee role, but there are some ‘skill shortages’ that we would be keen to fill.

If you have experience in ENGINEERING or skills in PR or MARKETING, or work for a DEVELOPER or PROPERTY FIRM, or have TRUSTEE EXPERIENCE for another charity, we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in joining the committee – whether or not you match these criteria – please email the director for more information.

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Peter Murray


Could you be a Trustee (committee member) for the London Society?

We’re looking for new members of the committee to help continue the Society’s growth, providing guidance, opinion, expertise, knowledge and contacts to support the work of the employees of the Society.

You do not need a background in architecture or planning (in fact, we would welcome interest from such non-professionals, but we are also keen to hear from professionals), but you should be interested in the work of the Society and in the development of London. We would be particularly keen to hear from anyone with a background in marketing or PR, fundraising, writing or editing.

There are generally six committee meetings a year, which take a couple of hours on a Monday evening, so being a Trustee does not require a huge commitment in terms of time.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email the Director who will be delighted to send further information.


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