Peter Murray

The capital is blessed with a large number of wonderful public sculptures – but also cursed with those that are trite, ill-conceived or amateurishly executed.

Together with London Historians, the London Society wants to shine a light on those sculptures and statues that blight our public spaces.

We’ll be doing this in two parts. In the run up to the end of the year we’re asking you to nominate the sculpture(s) that you feel ought to be melted down, broken up, or otherwise removed from public gaze.

In the New Year we’ll take the top ten nominations and put these out to a public vote to decide which are the capital’s most-reviled.

The poll results will be announced at a joint London Historians/London Society event in February – an evening of positivity, as we will be discussing the people, things or events that London should be celebrating and which so far are not commemorated.

You can nominate your sculptural eyesores by clicking here, or by tweeting using the hashtag #BadLondonSculpture

Old or new sculptures can be nominated, the only requirement being that they are in public spaces (so a statue in e.g. a park, station, street or shopping centre would be fine, inside e.g. a building lobby or a church would not).

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