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London could contribute a million more homes to the goal of easing its ongoing housing crisis if it de-designated and used some of the scrappier, less ‘green and pleasant’ parts of its considerable Green Belt land.

That was one of the key views to emerge from an APPG meeting on whether it was time to re-think the Green Belt, held in Westminster 23 July.

london green belt

The session was introduced by APPG chair Rupa Huq and London Society chairman Peter Murray. The Society was responsible for originally introducing ideas around the Green Belt to prevent sprawl and provide a green lung for the city, but Peter Murray called it a ‘toxic’ issue which politicians nowadays ordinarily shy away from. Having a mature debate about such an important but often neglected issue, especially as the issue is controversial and emotive, was essential.

He then introduced Siobhain McDonagh (SM) to speak on the issue.

Siobhain McDonagh (SM) – The vast majority of issues raised at her surgeries are housing related, the 300,000-new home target per year has not been met since 1969 and London is gripped by a housing crisis which leaves families without adequate accommodation or in the grip of the private renting sector. We desperately need to build more homes to solve this crisis

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