Peter Murray
EVENT - Tour & Talk

Saturday, 25 June, 10:00 - 11:30
Prefabrication of buildings in the UK is not new, but it is undergoing something of a renaissance. Images of Nissen huts turned into homes in a desperate effort to quickly provide new homes post WWII are what comes to many people’s minds when ‘prefab’ is mentioned. A slightly Heath Robinson’ish rationing era solution that people put up with because they knew that it was the best that could be offered at the time.


Many of these temporary homes have lasted for much longer than intended and are often well loved despite their shortcomings. Modern prefabricated buildings are a very different proposition, with materials and components coming from all over the world to be assembled together, and then brought on a truck to the final site. Instead of single storey huts, we now can build multi-storey buildings to a high specification and do it in half the time it takes traditional contractors.


Come along and see some of the results for yourselves in a short walking tour of a number of prefabricated buildings ranging from 8-19 stories in the Wembley area.

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