Peter Murray
EVENT - Talk

Friday, 2 December, 6:30 - 8:30

Join us for this very special Christmas treat, as Henry Eliot (one of the authors of Curiocity) discusses the book and some of the hidden and lesser-known stories of the capital.

The evening will finish with drinks, mince pies and other Christmas treats.

Curiocity is unlike any London guide book you have seen before, over 450 pages of stories, artwork and curious hand drawn maps, celebrating the city and sharing its secrets from the Leyton Stone to the ‘Arcadian Meridian’ (a rival to Greenwich), via ‘London’s most apologetic building’.

Or perhaps you want to know more about the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers, or discover where Golden Syrup or chocolate HobNobs are made, or the names of the Crossrail tunnelling machines...

Curiocity is a reimagining of London - its history, industry, people, trade, enjoyments, diversions, buildings and landscapes. You are guaranteed an entertaining evening and to learn things about London that you didn’t know before.

Image ©Alice Pattullo

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