Peter Murray
EVENT - Talk

Tuesday, 22 November, 6:30 - 8:30
Craft and materiality maintain their allure in architecture, despite the global age and rise of digital design. Practitioners Henry Squire, Roz Barr and Anthony Thistleton will describe three recent projects in London in which handcrafted elements or overt materiality play a large role.
London Society committee member, Susan Holder (ex Crafts Council) will chair a discussion on the enduring appeal of craft in architecture and how it contributes to London’s architectural character.  

Hans Place by Squire and Partners is a residential development with an element of brickwork combining digital and traditional methods to achieve a bespoke crafted finish; Henry Squire will talk through the collaborative and iterative process through which the project came about. Key to Roz Barr’s architectural methodology is modelmaking and she is set to publish a book of her intricate and hand hewn models in 2016. She will give an insight into how she has used them to develop projects on tight urban sites in London, including a new home for the Augustinian church in West London. Anthony Thistleton is an innovator in the use of Cross Laminated Timber, and has convinced developers and the public that this traditional material has both health and economic benefits. He will advocate the benefits of timber buildings and posit that they could change London’s landscape.

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