Peter Murray
EVENT - Tour

Friday, 29 June, 11:00 – 12:00

Join The London Society for this very special curator led tour of one of London’s most treasured 1930s homes.  Designed by acclaimed architect Ernö Goldfinger in 1939, this unique and surprising Modernist home was inhabited by four generations of his family. The house paints a vivid picture of the urban creative and social circles of the mid-20th century through Goldfinger’s modern art collection, innovative designs and intriguing personal possessions.

1–3 Willow Road was constructed using concrete and a facing of red brick.  Number 2, which Goldfinger designed specifically as his own family home, is the largest of the three houses and features a spiral staircase designed by Danish engineer Ove Arup at its core.

Note that if you are a National Trust member, entry is free to Willow Road. Your ticket purchase for this tour with the Society will act as a deposit and we will arrange the necessary refund after the tour. You will need to take your NT card on the date of the tour.

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